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Asia-Pacific Webinar

View the Asia-Pacific Webinar from 26 March 2010 by clicking the link below

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Global Video Conference

View the global videoconference webcast from 16 June 2008 by clicking on the link below.

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HPV Vaccine Global Community

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The HPV Vaccine Global Community is an online global network of people who share an interest in preventing cervical cancer and in the role of HPV vaccines in health programs. We use the internet to share and exchange knowledge, ideas and resources to explore the feasibility of introducing HPV vaccines within cervical cancer control programs and thereby ensure that people around the globe have equitable access to the best available health care.

Art for Health

Join the HPV Vaccine Global Community to:

SHARE and exchange our knowledge and experience with colleagues around the world with the goal of enhancing access to and delivery of HPV vaccines.

CREATE opportunities to share and exchange challenges, success stories and lessons learned with local, regional and international colleagues who are preparing for introducing HPV vaccines.

ENHANCE your knowledge and participate in a process of collaborative learning to improve policy and practice.

PARTICIPATE through emails in our on-line discussion forums to share your experience, raise questions, seek answers and collectively use our knowledge and experience to improve HPV vaccination practice and programs for the prevention and management of cervical cancer.

DISCUSS technical and programmatic issues with experts and colleagues around the world.

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